Case Study: Magzter - Changing how the world read.

When the internet revolutionized reading habits globally, it undoubtedly shrank space and attention spans for print magazines and newspapers. And yet, there was a small segment of people trying to wed their interests in the old media platform with the opportunities and possibilities created by new technological trends. One such successful venture is Magzter, a new age digital magazine store that has brought the two platforms together in a fantastic union of sorts.

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Digital Media Campaigns and Movies

Did you change your profile picture to include the light saber? Regardless of whether one has seen the original installments of Star Wars or not, today, the world has so ubiquitously come to know of the film – even millennials born way after the movies released – thanks to a clever digital media campaign. From Google to Facebook, Star Wars was a pretty interesting way to wed the internet with the intergalactic. But if you’re thinking theirs was the only marketing mix that included the digital media for the world of films, think again.

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Case Study: Slice of Health - Health is wealth, literally!

Building a Brand Platform benefits the company by creating an emotional and functional connect with the customer that will ultimately increase the offline recall value of the brand itself.

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Case Study: Paper Boat - Quenching thirst by rekindling memories

What was the campaign about?
Paper Boat is a brand of traditional Indian juices and drinks by Hector Beverages. What caught our key about this young, vibrant brand is the emotional connect it has made with consumers in a short span of time. Not an easy task, given the large budgets of some alternate / competitor brands. In terms of new age marketing, we find Paper Boat has trumped in their use of story-telling to create engaging content that has not just built brand awareness but a special kind of emotional connect and loyalty with its target audience. What we find works well in this brand is that the Paper Boat stories spring from the very essence of the brand and its philosophy.

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Social Media and the floods

If Captain Cool aka Chennai Super Kings’ captain MS Dhoni and Rajnikanth are anything to go by, it is no surprise that it takes a lot more for Chennai’s people to be riled and shaken out of their normal lives. Right up on top of the ladder with Mumbai’s resilience and Delhi’s activism, comes Chennai’s calmness. With the floods crossing all thresholds of acceptable levels, it became imperative for swift action to dispense aid, rescue and supplies to those in need. And what rose to the occasion? Social Media, of course!

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