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GDPR: Quick Guide for Marketers

What does Facebook’s new Newsfeed algorithm mean for you?

In a statement in January 2018, Facebook announced that its Newsfeed algorithm is in for a tectonic shift to favour more “meaningful interaction”. As brands and marketers discuss how this will affect brand visibility and advertising, here is our take on what the change means, and how to work around it:

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The 4 Facets Of Effective Brand Communication

The other evening my husband and I were having a conversation about persuasion. He happens to be a lawyer, and I, a marketer, and therefore, the art of persuasion is something we consider to be of primary importance.

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Working with Boutique & Cult Brands

Boutique or cult brands are typified by a distinct, differentiated brand personality that is amplified in a consistent, powerful brand voice. They are usually passionately built by their founders with painstaking attention to every aspect of the brand. In fact, such highly differentiated brands often struggle to find the right marketing partner who ‘get them’.

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Digital Marketing - The Garmin for Marketers

The Power of the Personal Brand or How a Personal Brand can help You and your Business

Today, or rather last night, my state lost a dynamic leader – Selvi Dr. J Jayalalithaa, fondly referred to as Amma. This post is not a political tribute or even a personal eulogy to a tough stateswoman.  In her passing however, and in replaying the most remarkable aspects of her public persona, I was reminded of the incredible power of the personal brand.

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Leveraging Brand Platforms & Associations for your Brand Communication

Ever noticed the brand of laptop or smart phone someone uses and extended the brand image in your perception of the person? Maybe seen someone wear or carry a specific brand of shoes or bag and instinctively associated brand traits with the person? If you have never, are clearly an exception!

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From my iPad - apps that make life easier for Marketers-on-the-go

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5 Hacks to Improve ROI on Facebook Spends

For businesses that have invested in social media, there is a strong need to understand and improve the return on investment (ROI). As marketers, we spend a fair bit of time on this subject and we believe that ROI is an important aspect while making decisions about incremental spends on social media. While ROI considerations differ for every business- based on business stage, specific linked sales goals, current phase of digital marketing and stage of social media adoption, here are some quick hacks that can boost your ROI from Facebook, still the largest social media platform used by brands. This list is broadly based on our experience across multiple client brands,both B2B and B2C.

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5 Key Email Metrics You Need to Start Tracking

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