Facebook vs Instagram - Which one's for you?

Warning : Imminently shareable and based on many years of marketing experience!

Today, social media has found an inevitable space in our lives - from the way we interact with our family and friends to the way we consume information. And as a result, Social media has also become an irreplaceable wing of marketing for businesses.

As a business owner or a marketer, you will observe that people across different age groups and socio economic statuses use the social platforms differently, predominantly split between Facebook and Instagram.

Based on our experience with over 100 brands, we have noticed an interesting relationship between the age, socio-economic status of people and their social media usage. Social media strategy of brands need to take this relationship into account when planning their content, platforms and their ad campaigns. Here is our ready reckoner that will help brand owners and marketers quickly place their target audience and their marketing strategy on the right social platforms!

Where does your brand fall on the graph?

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