Marketing Metrics To Track Brand Awareness

Blog Header .jpgBrand Awareness has always been a fuzzy area to quantify and report. Newly launched and early stage brands often want more of their target audience to discover them, and become aware that they exist. However, they find it hard to justify their budgets with hard numbers and RoI. 

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Our picks of the top metrics to track Brand Awareness:

    1. Search volume - The largest source of organic traffic is Search. If people are searching for your brand/company/products, this is an indicator of brand awareness. Google Adwords and Moz are the most popular search ranking platforms to track changes in the number of searches for your brand’s name and variations of the name and your products.
    2. Direct traffic to website - When users type your company URL directly into their browser to reach your website, it means they remembered your URL for your brand. This is an indication of brand recall, and by extension, brand awareness. Google Analytics gives you a ton of information on website traffic.
    3. External links to the website - Another important source of new audience to the website are links from other sites. Keep an eye on the referral traffic to your website from these external links on Google Analytics.
    4. Community growth -  Tracking the size of your online audience community across various social media platforms is not just about the size of the community, but about the amplification your brand can tap into simply by virtue of having a community. Tracking Follower metrics on the main social media platforms - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram - every month, and analysing the follower demographics, will provide several insights into the personas that are attracted to your brand. Apart from being a metric of brand awareness, this metric will also help you plan content that will be most impactful to your chosen target audience.

The bottom line: Numbers could be a marketer’s best friend; they will speak the truth, and only the truth. If you use them right, they will give you enormous comfort too!

Do you have any best practices to share on the Brand Awareness metrics that have worked for you, and is now your best friend?

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To make all this easier for you, my awesome team has come up with this super cool and easy-to-use sheet that not only gives you the world of metrics you can start tracking, but also tells you where to find them in your reports.

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Metrics



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