Aligning Marketing Metrics With Goals

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I have often heard people say ‘Numbers scare me’, and wondered if it is because numbers always speak the truth! In today’s world of gadgets and data, there is no dearth of numbers; getting confused by them is pretty much inevitable. However, when used wisely, numbers are a treasure trove of insights that can guide you to your desired goal.

Author – Aarthi Srinath

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Rebrand. Refresh. Recharge.

We are excited to share our refreshed logo and the thought behind it.

Inception took life in early 2011. Our logo was about representing movement and the interconnected nature of marketing. As the years rolled by, we started noticing the nuanced changes in our work that kept us relevant and ahead of the curve as marketers - the contemporary context, the evolution of marketing technology, the digital impact and many more. In the recent year or two, the most deeply felt challenges have been related to Digital. The only thing constant in the world of digital is change - which makes it imperative that we constant re-skill and reinvent ourselves to stay relevant.

And hence Inception Digital - to bring a laser focus to Digital Marketing, as a skill, as a service and as a job. It is meant to highlight the specialised skilsets, talent and resources that we are constantly investing in to direct best-in-class digital marketing solutions for our clients.

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The 4 Facets Of Effective Brand Communication

The other evening my husband and I were having a conversation about persuasion. He happens to be a lawyer, and I, a marketer, and therefore, the art of persuasion is something we consider to be of primary importance.

Author – Team Inception

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