What does Facebook’s new Newsfeed algorithm mean for you?

In a statement in January 2018, Facebook announced that its Newsfeed algorithm is in for a tectonic shift to favour more “meaningful interaction”. As brands and marketers discuss how this will affect brand visibility and advertising, here is our take on what the change means, and how to work around it:

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The Secret To Precision Targeting On Facebook

Facebook Algorithm Change - What it really means

In early February we shared with you a list of Dos for you to get Facebook-ready. Around then, some of the revised guidelines for Brand/ Business pages on Facebook (announced in Nov2014) came into effect. These changes do affect the way users get to see ‘Brand Content’ on their Newsfeed. As marketers, we have been able to adapt to these changes and ensure brand pages we manage still get the best visibility and engagement they need. In this blog, we let you in on what’s changed.

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Are You FB Ready?

When brands and businesses begin life on social media, they tend to do so with caution. They pick one tool, try it to get their feet wet and then wait to see what happens. It is quite natural that a brand wants to test a few channels of marketing without a brand-wide commitment from the word go. In this time and age, social media does allow for experimentation (within limits!), building upto strategy and tactics.

Author – Team Inception

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