Aligning Marketing Metrics With Goals

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I have often heard people say ‘Numbers scare me’, and wondered if it is because numbers always speak the truth! In today’s world of gadgets and data, there is no dearth of numbers; getting confused by them is pretty much inevitable. However, when used wisely, numbers are a treasure trove of insights that can guide you to your desired goal.

Author – Aarthi Srinath

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Leveraging Brand Platforms & Associations for your Brand Communication

Ever noticed the brand of laptop or smart phone someone uses and extended the brand image in your perception of the person? Maybe seen someone wear or carry a specific brand of shoes or bag and instinctively associated brand traits with the person? If you have never, are clearly an exception!

Author – Team Inception

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Inception Day 2015, Gurgaon

Inception Business Services proudly presents Inception Day 2015 - an annual event connecting business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers.

Author – Team Inception

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Facebook Algorithm Change - What it really means

In early February we shared with you a list of Dos for you to get Facebook-ready. Around then, some of the revised guidelines for Brand/ Business pages on Facebook (announced in Nov2014) came into effect. These changes do affect the way users get to see ‘Brand Content’ on their Newsfeed. As marketers, we have been able to adapt to these changes and ensure brand pages we manage still get the best visibility and engagement they need. In this blog, we let you in on what’s changed.

Author – Team Inception

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7.3 billion is the approximate population of our globe. Facebook, as per the latest stats, has 1.3 billion registered users (and Facebook is banned in China!). One sixth of the world’s population is hungrily consuming, sharing, interacting and discarding content on the Internet. We are all talking about ourselves, our families, our loved ones, sharing our thoughts, emotions, ideas, actions and simply our day to day lives with the hundreds and sometimes thousands of “friends” that we have (accumulated) on social networking platforms.

Author – Team Inception

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Quick Repartee, Moment Marketing – OR ARE THEY REALLY?

Brand Platforms -In the Era of Social Media

Five things a newsletter can do for your B2B business

As a marketer in a business-to-business (B2B) company, have you been wondering if a newsletter is necessary for your organisation? Or have you launched a newsletter but you are not really sure of what to expect from it?
Even in this era of social media, email newsletters are one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies, particularly in B2B scenarios. A newsletter that is relevant and engaging can complement your other marketing initiatives and have a positive effect on your business.

Author – Team Inception

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I am sure many of us have woken up one fine morning and felt, I am not looking right! Perhaps a dire change of wardrobe is needed, maybe a new haircut, maybe it’s the glasses that need changing or could be a great tattoo. A need for personality change or improvement applies not just to people, but to businesses too!

Author – Team Inception

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Is your marketing segmenting, listening & responding fast enough to customers’ evolving needs?

Happy to share a Guest blog by Sarajit Jha - on a topic that truly resonates with us. As marketers, we urge businesses to understand their customer segments better. Whether you're shaping up your value proposition or drawing buyer personas or chalking out communication / messaging strategies - the very foundation of all that is what segmenting is about. We loved this blog and wanted to share it with you here, with the permission of its author - Sarajit Jha.

Author – Team Inception

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